Decorative Boulders, Stone, and Riprap

Our aggregates mining operations are located within alluvial fans, which are composed of layers of sand and gravel, which washed down from the canyons located upstream of our locations. In these alluvial fans, there is aggregate ranging in size from a few feet in diameter down to a few microns. Construction grade material is typically produced from aggregate less than 2 feet in diameter, with the large boulders and stone set aside. These larger boulders can be used as rip-rap in erosion prevention projects, such as river bank protection and the construction of jetties, or as decorative boulders.

Purchasing and utilizing decorative boulders is a more hands-on experience for the customer, as there is no set specification for size and shape. Typically, the customer will visit our site, accompanied by plant personnel, and pick out individual boulders. Once the boulders are agreed on, we sort and load them on to the delivery truck. Extra lead time is usually needed over our traditional construction aggregates, and boulders may not be available at all of our locations.

Riprap, also known as rip rap, rip-rap, shot rock, and armour rock are rock products that typically range in size from 1/4 ton up to 1 ton and larger.  Riprap is commonly used to armor or protect banks of rivers and streams, the banks of lakes, or in other shoreline applications.

If you are interested in decorative boulders, stone, or riprap, please contact any of our locations to check availability.